Purchase Homeschool Books in Alaska

Alaska Homeschool Books

Roundabout Books is the place to purchase your homeschool curriculum in Alaska!

Thank you so much to everyone who is helping spread the word about my new Alaska-themed creative writing courses for middle and high school – the response has been overwhelming! To those who may want to buy the curriculum piece by piece instead of as an entire year-long package, please visit Roundabout Books in Anchorage. Allison carries my curriculum and all the books to read throughout the nine-month timeframe, so you don’t have to purchase my entire
courses at once if your budget doesn’t allow for that expense.

This Christian-owned bookstore, dedicated to providing a space for families to find the best curriculum, works hard to provide a customized experience for everyone who walks through the door at 1101 East 76th Avenue in Anchorage.

Link to Roundabout Books Website: https://www.roundaboutbooksalaska.com

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