Alaska’s first dog team relay run

Anchorage doctor saves Iditarod banker's life by traveling via dog team relay in 1921.
Anchorage doctor saves Iditarod banker’s life by traveling via dog team relay in 1921.

Did you know, Balto the dog, the four-legged hero who helped deliver the diphtheria serum to Nome, wasn’t the first to make an epic medicine run in Alaska? One of Anchorage’s most respected doctors took on a similar task four years earlier.

The year was 1921. Alaska Railroad doctor John Beeson got word that the banker in Iditarod is near death’s door. Beeson didn’t hesitate to attempt a rescue but would need some help along the way.

I shared this story on last week’s episode of Alaska Story Time with Aunt Phil that aired on Monday’s CBS station KTVA Channel 11. This is the last show for a couple of months, as I am spending part of my winter this year with four grandsons (all under the age of 4) in northern California.

Here’s the link to the “rest of the story,” from this broadcast.

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  1. Great history and wonderful pictures! Such am inspiring story of a doctor who endured so many trials in order to help someone in need of his medical skills? Thanks for another great story! Enjoy your time with your family. Grandchildren are a wonderful blessing.

  2. Yes, he was really brave I think, Maureen. Thanks for the well wishes for my wintertime with grand babies!

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