Aunt Phil’s Online History Course

Great News – Aunt Phil’s Trunk now has a 1/2-credit Alaska history course for high school students available online at After nine months of intense labor, Aunt Phil has birthed a 67.5-hour graded one semester course for those students who want to work online. And just like the print books in the Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history and curriculum series, this online course is not only educational but also entertaining.

We have worked with parents, students and educators to make sure this six-unit course meets the Alaska history requirements listed in the Alaska statute. It includes geography, Alaska cultures, the Russian era, Alaska as a possession of the United States, Alaska as a territory and Alaska becoming a state up to present.

“I recently had the opportunity to examine the Aunt Phil’s Trunk 1/2-credit Alaska history course. I believe it not only meets Alaska state requirements, it exceeds them.”
– Dawn Cogan, Site Administrator, IDEA Fairbanks office

In addition, each daily lesson is filled with links to more information, videos and documentaries for further understanding of the topic in the lesson. Links to primary sources also are listed.

This course features word puzzles, timeline and map activities, and journaling opportunities, too.

A short quiz follows each lesson. These quizzes are graded online, so parents and educators do not need to grade papers. There also is a mid-term exam and a final exam.

Once students successfully complete the course, they can download a Certificate of Completion that will prove they satisfied their 1/2-credit Alaska history requirement for graduation.

The 67.5-hour course – based on one hour a day for five days a week for 14-1/2 weeks – is available now for $195 at the link below. Please spread the word!

Online History Course