Aunt Phil Alaska history series celebrates 10th anniversary!

Alaska history

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One made its debut in Anchorage. I remember carrying a proof of the book to gift shops and bookstores in December 2005 to see if anyone wanted to stock my Alaska history first-ever book on their shelves.

To my amazement, just about every shop placed orders for the summer season. They thought my book would be a hit with Alaskans and tourists, men and women, and young and old readers alike.

It looks like they were right. Thousands of copies of Aunt Phil’s Trunk books have flown off store shelves across the state during these past 10 years. Many teachers are using the series in public, charter and home schools in Alaska, too.

I think 2016 means it’s time to broaden the range for sharing Alaska’s history – which brings me to some exciting news to begin the next decade of Aunt Phil’s Trunk.

Several top reviewers now are reading the books in my Alaska history series and soon will be posting their reviews on Amazon. A few bloggers want to interview me and get the word out about the series, too.

So after more than a decade of researching, writing and working to get the series into the hands of history buffs across Alaska, I am beyond excited to see Aunt Phil’s (and my) work spread to the rest of the world.

You can help spread the word, too.

Please take a minute and give your favorite book in my Aunt Phil’s Trunk series a star rating on Amazon. Star ratings go from one star, which means awful, to five stars, which means awesome.

If you want to go the extra mile, I’d welcome one or two sentences in the comments section under your star rating. This helps potential readers decide if they should invest their time in one of my books.

It’s as easy as:
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5. Write a sentence or two in the comments box
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Yes, it’s just that easy.

Here are the Amazon links for Aunt Phil’s Trunk:

Volume OneClick Here

Volume TwoClick Here

Volume ThreeClick Here

Volume FourClick Here

Volume FiveClick Here

If you don’t want to publicly proclaim your love for Aunt Phil, I still thank you so much for enjoying my Aunt Phil’s Trunk series over the last decade – Alaska history fans rock!