Aunt Phil’s Trunk Series 2014

Aunt Phil’s Trunk
July 2014 International Blog Tour

1) Inspire to Read blog – South Africa
“A must have for the history junky.” – Lynelle Clark

2) Reading Alcove blog – United Kingdom
“It’s a good read, and I highly recommend you check it all out!” – Victoria Adams

3) Book Obsessed blog – Ottawa
“I wish I had books like these when I was growing up. History would have seemed a lot more interesting!” – Cécile Sune

4) Sarah Butland blog – Nova Scotia
Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One should be in all the schools in the USA, as it was easy and fun to read and contained a lot more than the usual dry facts and dates I remember reading in history class.” ­– Sarah Butland

5) Little Miss History blog – New York
“These books are highly recommended for anyone with an interest in Alaskan history, geography and culture … All the volumes are a wonderful addition to the bookshelves of teachers, librarians, historians and the general reader. Well-written comprehensive portrait of America’s forty-ninth state.”

6) KR Morrison blog – Pacific Northwest
“I am a history nut, and I love Alaska. It would be so grand to have these books in hardcover, gracing my coffee table. Just the thing to read on a cold winter night. Or any night, for that matter.” – K.R. Morrison

7) Lenora’s Culture Center blog – Alabama
Aunt Phil’s Trunk is an entertaining and easy-to-read collection of short stories that really do bring Alaska’s history to life! Anyone interested in Alaska will love this book.” – Lenora Rogers

8) Novel Review Café blog – South Africa
“The photo-laden books are a delightful journey through Alaska’s rich past.” – Sandra Valente

9) Ramblings blog – Idaho
“Filled with thrilling tales and wonderful photographs, it is easy to lose yourself in the past of one of our wildest states. I am glad to have had the opportunity to read the first two volumes and am looking forward to the volumes to come.” – Dawn Chandler

10) Publica tu eBook blog – Canada
“I recommend these books, not only to the people who want to learn about Alaska, but also to anyone who has doubts about the capacity, the courage or the compassion of the human race.” – Joe Cortes

11) Book Reviews by Susan Keefe – Le Mans, France
“Through this very talented author, the true adventures in this harsh landscape are brought vividly to life, not only by the wonderful collection of stories but also by the incredible collection of hundreds of photographs which help to make this book so amazing.” – Susan Keefe