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Valid April 19-24, 2021

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Download this easy-to-use interactive PDF that lists Homeschool Curriculum Fair specials for Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history books and curriculum. Just fill out what you want and then send it along to your homeschool organization so it can place your order with Aunt Phil’s Trunk. Save 15 percent on all Aunt Phil books and get free shipping on all special packages listed on page one of the PDF.

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Aunt Phil’s Trunk is engaging and easy-to-use for Alaska studies. The five-book series, 2016 winner of gold from Literary Classics International for best nonfiction series worldwide, is filled with short stories and hundreds of historical photos that share Alaska’s past. The unit-based curriculum, which took silver in the education category in 2018, is a ton of fun for kids and features a simple grading system for parents/teachers.

“Aunt Phil’s Trunk curriculum not only meets state requirements for Alaska studies, it exceeds them!” – Dawn Cogan, IDEA Administrator, Fairbanks

And NEW this year, a ½-credit online Alaska history course!

More information about the online course can be found on its video shown below. To save $45 on this course without going through a homeschool organization, be sure to use Coupon Code IDEAFAIR at checkout on its website (which can be found after clicking on the online Alaska history class video below). This discount also will be available only between April 19-24, 2021.

Click on the videos shown below to learn more about Aunt Phil’s Trunk and all the homeschool products being offered during this curriculum fair!

Special Offerings in Aunt Phil’s Virtual Trunk

Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaskan book series a treasure trove of historical goodness

This CBS video explains how Alaska author Laurel Downing Bill turned her strange inheritance from her Alaska historian aunt into the award-winning Aunt Phil’s Trunk Alaska history series. This series now features five books that cover Alaska’s history from early Native habitation up to 1984.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk curriculum features student workbooks and teacher guides for each of the five books in the Alaska history series.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk School Curriculum Alaska History

Learn more about how the Alaska history curriculum works for both students and parents/teachers by watching this video.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk offers 1/2-credit online Alaska history course

Aunt Phil’s Trunk debuted a ½-credit online Alaska history course in September 2020. This 67.5-hour course exceeds State of Alaska requirements for Alaska studies. Check out this video to learn more about the popular one semester course.

This online course, which normally costs $195, is only $150 if you sign up during the IDEA Curriculum Fair!
Click on the link above, use IDEAFAIR Coupon Code, and SAVE $45!

Other Alaska-themed books and curriculum include Call of the Wild And Other Northland Stories, by Jack London, and Spell of the Yukon And Other Verses, by Robert Service. There are short biographies of the authors written by Laurel Downing Bill in the backs of the books. And both books have curriculum to continue learning about Alaska’s past as well as to help hone literary skills.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk Call of Wild & Spell Yukon Books

Click on this video to learn more about these two offerings.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk Presents The Spoilers by Rex Beach

The Spoilers, written by Rex Beach, is the fictional tale of real events of gold mine claim jumping in early 1900s Nome. This book also contains a short story about the actual events of the time as well as a short biography of Beach written by Laurel Downing Bill in the back of the book.

This video shares more about this book.

Where The Sun Swings North reproduced by Aunt Phil’s Trunk

Alaska’s first published author was Florence Barrett Willoughby who wrote Where The Sun Swings North in 1922. Critically acclaimed at the time, this fictional tale of a family marooned on a tiny island in southeast Alaska during gold-rush days rings true as it is based on the author’s first-hand experience in 1897-1898.

See this video to learn more about this book.

More than 100 awesome recipes for 100-plus-year-old sourdough starter help bring the past to life in Laurel Downing Bill’s Sourdough Cookery cookbook! Her recipes have been tested through time as her maternal great-grandfather settled in the gold-rush town of Hope in the late 1890s.

Enjoy Sourdough Cookery cookbook with 120-plus-year-old starter

Learn more about the cookbook by watching this video.

In an effort to help children learn to express themselves, these workbooks are a great resource for budding young writers. We have created fiction/non-fiction/poetry journals for ages 8-12 and others for ages 12 and up. The 30-day challenge journals focus on kindness, gratitude and finding one’s purpose in life.

The videos below highlight how the workbooks can help your child.

Alaska writing journals help spur creativity

Kindness, Gratitude and Find Your Purpose 30-Day Challenge Workbooks

Raven’s Friends, Dragline Kid And Her Golden Wish and Alaska Animal ABCs

Click on the videos to learn more about these delightful children’s books that are perfect for ages 3-7.

Raven’s Friends Alaska Animals Far and Wide

The Dragline Kid and her Golden Wish

Alaska Animal ABC book