Guide #1: How to Generate Winning Writing Ideas
Have you ever wondered how famous authors come up with winning writing ideas? This guide includes advice from some of the world’s bestselling authors on how to generate new book topics. Download and print out this workbook so that you can try out the various methods and see what works for you. There is also a fun writing exercise to get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve ever been at a loss for book ideas, this report is for you.

Guide #2: 9-Step Formula to Smash Your Writing Goals This Year
Make this the year that you finally reach all of your writing goals. This 9-step formula will help you eliminate the excuses that have been holding you back from publishing your book and overcome the habit of procrastination. You will learn how to schedule your time so that you can spend more time on your craft. Discover the keys to setting strong writing goals and how you can achieve them. Once you begin implementing this success formula in your writing, you can use it to achieve any other life goal, too.

Guide #3: 8 Tips for Strong Dialogue
Dialogue can make or break your book. Strong, properly formatted dialogue can help your readers feel like they are part of your story. Good dialogue is memorable and evokes emotion in your readers. This guide will teach you how to create dialogue that engages your readers and keeps the story moving along. You also will learn dialogue mistakes that many amateur authors make and how to avoid them. You only have a few pages to make a good first impression with publishers, agents and readers!

Guide #4: Keys to Polish Your Prose (for authors of fiction and nonfiction)
Storytelling is one of the most important skills that you can learn as a fiction or nonfiction author. When you master this art, you will engage your readers in your book – whether you write gripping mystery novels or how-to guides for interior decorating. Learn how to use prose to write page-turning books for your readers. This guide is your checklist to make sure that your story is polished and ready for your readers.

Guide #5: 10-Step Self-Editing Checklist
All authors need to learn how to edit their own work before they send it off for a professional edit. Editors only can do so much to prepare your manuscript for your readers. Use this checklist to ensure that your book is in tip-top shape before it leaves your office. You’ll become a better writer in the process, and you will probably save money on editing fees.

Guide #6: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: Which is Better for You?
Authors now have a lot of choices on how to get their books published – and there is plenty of conflicting advice on what model is better. Use this guide to discover the pros and cons of both traditional and self-publishing routes and decide which path is best for you. There’s also a handy quiz at the end of the report to help you make that decision.

Guide #7: Top Tips to Sell Thousands of Books
Take a look at the methods that I have used to sell thousands of books in my Aunt Phil’s Trunk history series. These tips will work for any author, whether you have a few published books and a moderate fan base, or you are just preparing to launch your first book. Don’t waste time and money experimenting with marketing strategies; follow the tips that have helped me build a large audience and sell a ton of books as a self-published author.

Guide #8: How to Craft Your Book Marketing Plan
Learn how to design the perfect book marketing plan for your business. Your plan will guide you through each stage of selling your book. Discover proven tactics to build your platform and get your books into the hands of more readers. You’ll also learn how to create multiple streams of income to build a thriving business.

Guide #9: 10 Secrets of Successful Authorpreneurs
Learn what makes successful authorpreneurs different from the average author who barely makes the equivalent of a minimum wage in book sales. There is much more to running a successful book business than writing books. These 10 secrets will put your far ahead of other aspiring authors and help you to take your business to another level.