– Anne-Marie Reynolds

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“Laurel Bill has a way with words that made me want to keep on reading and makes me want to read the other books in the series. The amazing photographs were a wonderful addition and made the stories seem even more real. Praise to Laurel Bill for a fantastic journey, one I want to continue.”

Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume 3 continues the story of Alaska’s history, told by Laurel Downing Bill. This volume covers the period 1912 to 1935 and tells, amongst other things, how the railroad was continued to connect the north to the south, Fairbanks to Seward, and how Anchorage came into the story. It talks of how transportation changed the face of Alaska – from the train, dog sleds and horse carriages to cars and bicycles. And, let’s not forget the number of great aviators who turned the way we see Alaska on its head. The story of the dog sled run to get diphtheria serum to Nome is included, along with an earlier story of another dog sled run, which inspired this method of making sure the serum got where it was needed, and how it became the starting point for the Iditarod, which still runs as an annual event to this day. Many other stories and hundreds of photographs bring Alaska’s history alive in the third volume of Aunt Phil’s Trunk.

Once again, Laurel Downing Bill has brought Alaska to life with a stunning historical account. Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume 3 is as good, if not better than the preceding two books as it brings earlier history into context. Amazingly written, Laurel Bill has a way of grabbing the reader’s attention and holding on fast! Still loving those photographs and learning so much as I read. This is better than a history lesson in a classroom any day of the week and I can’t wait to get my hands on Volume 4.