– Jeff & Ginny Ward

Laurel Bill has shared the contents of her inherited trunk, belonging to her Aunt Phil, making it a treasure chest to behold! We visited magnificent Alaska for the first time in 2007. It was in Anchorage at the outdoor market that we purchased from Laurel the first book in the Aunt Phil series. The rich history was written in such a wonderfully picturesque way, we felt like we were there,which is the best quality of reading any book. Since then, we have been privileged to read the next three in the series, all equally as rich in history and entertaining. We returned to Alaska in 2011, this time exploring more of the interior. All places seemed very familiar to us, as we recalled Laurel’s references of Aunt Phil’s historic experiences. If anyone is contemplating their first visit to Alaska, we highly recommend reading at least one of the Aunt Phil’s Trunk series first. It will truly enrich your experience of visiting beautiful historic Alaska!