– Kathryn Bennett

Aunt Phil’s Trunk: Volume Two Bringing Alaska’s History Alive by Laurel Downing Bill is the second in the four-book series that delves into the rich and deep history of Alaska. Volume two takes us into the new century, covering the history of Alaska from 1900-1912 and has another full array of stories and almost 350 photographs to go with them. This volume introduces us to vaudeville character actors who entertained gold-laden miners, and bring us into the way disputes were solved with shotguns in the days of Alaskan wilderness. These stories go right up through the volcanic eruption of 1912 that terrified everyone in the area.

This is another fantastic volume in the series and I found myself once again loving every single story that was shared. My personal favorite was that of Eustace Ziegler but every single one has value and adds to the book. You get a sense of Alaska and how diverse her people are and what they have gone through. Yes, Alaska is part of the United States, but it is so much more and the stories and history shared give you that deep look and show you its diversity and strength. Laurel Downing Bill has a talent for putting the stories and pictures together in a way that ensures the reader will get the most enjoyment out of the book. I think anyone who has even a passing interest in Alaska or history will fall in love with this series the way I have. A high recommendation for the second volume in the Bringing Alaska’s History alive series.