What is an Authorpreneur

If you want to make money from writing your book, you need to become an Authorpreneur. But what is an Authorpreneur? While authors love to write, Authorpreneurs love to write and make money from their efforts.

I began my journey as an Authorpreneur in 2005 after completing my first nonfiction book, Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One (filled with short stories and hundreds of photographs sharing Alaska’s history up to the year 1900).

Since traditional publishers pay authors pennies in royalties on each book sold and expect authors to do most of the marketing, I chose to go the self-publishing route when my first book debuted in May 2006. If I had to put in the effort, I wanted to reap the benefits.

But I also learned that the average self-published author only sells about 250 copies of his/her book during its lifetime. I definitely wanted to sell more books than that since I was pouring so much energy and money into research, writing and publishing my work.

I decided to beat the odds by writing a quality book series, making it available in many different formats, offering other products related to my books and marketing the heck out of all the stuff I created.

The result? My five-book series won the gold medal for Best Nonfiction Series worldwide from Literary Classics International in 2016, the school curriculum I built for the series took the silver medal in education in 2019, and my books have received numerous other awards from prestigious organizations like Eric Hoffer, USA Best Book, Readers’ Favorite and Book Excellence.

And I have sold THOUSANDS of copies of each of my books.

I totally believe in paying my knowledge forward and want you to have the same success that I am enjoying. So check out the FREE guide below and get started on your journey to becoming a successful Authorpreneur NOW!

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